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Dangers of fleas on the cat



Dangers of fleas.

1. fleas can cause tapeworm disease to cucumber seed.

2. Flea pathogenic parasites in the blood. Especially in cats.

3. Fleas can cause skin allergy problems.

4. If there is very lousy. Anemia may be.

These problems affect the health of both dogs and cats are brother from time to time we should have to prevent and eliminate external parasites, these are always To promote health care and away from pets fleas ticks.

Why Dog would like to play



It is said that the puppy was just like children who love to play. Naughty love to go around. Misbehavior of the child if the optimism that it took him just like that old. Naughty children is a wise child. They can learn something quickly. However, if a little one of our four-legged per If he is a puppy and the wanton. He will be like a wise old dog that it's me.

Puppies like to play the wanton When the dog is a wild animal. Playing the role of the dog. It is a dog trained to learn basic skills of hunting dogs are now even become an animal home. But the play is still important because dogs are social animals that like to live together in groups. The play is a dog known to improve sociability And known to be a friend to man. To be developed into adult dogs that are good for the mental health.

28-35 day old puppy will begin to show social behavior is puppies will play Korea today that the older dog. Shows little intimidating dogs. Write a sergeant drove out. This is a transition period of dog behavior. Because a dog will behave in the future, what Ekhึg as to learning. And take note of this period such dog is teased panic When you grow up as a dog might become suspicious. Or until we are very shocked if neurotic dog or puppy that scared of loud. Grow up or be afraid of thunder Prathat etc.

Puppies that are confined. Or prevented from meeting people in the age range 3-10 weeks during which the dog likes to play the wanton. They often can not adjust to the society and people and dogs with each other. The worse. When growing up. It might be neurological. Do not like meeting people. Owners and difficult to control.

The iron rule of the dog for good behavior. (part 2)



Rules that you set up the dog in your home. All up to you all. But beyond the rule over some rules that I suggest you do a lot. To maintain the position of your boss to remain unchanged.

When you return home. Do not hurry, love to him right away. That is because it will encourage him to the excitement too. But you should go change clothes. Grab a snack to help. Then take the dog out again. Walking around this may take a half hour.

Sleeping arrangements on the dog. Dogs should have a regular mattress. And should not choose a dog bed itself. At first, the dog comes to you. Him in the cage or dog pen every night throughout the first week. This will make him familiar with the new physical surroundings, while limited in scope. After the first week of bed or mattress to replace the dog. Now they have a place for their leisure.

Do not allow dog beds occupied. If you are a dog who likes to sleep on the bed with you. It is not a problem. It is also a good way to build relationships with your pet. But rules must be clear. Is that you have a party invite dogs into the bedroom. Give you some more before bed for 2-3 minutes, then send a signal to the dog up. And selection of dog beds to sleep.

Everyone in the house must be a boss. From children to Eeraแea grandfather - my grandmother aged Dogs need to respect everyone in the house as a location is superior to dogs. This means that everyone in the house rules require the same scope and limitations.

Do not avoid bathing the dog. Just because dogs hate baths. Although your dog will not care that he is clean, how But you should have a dog in a way that you feel that want to be near. There are several ways you can make bath time a more satisfactory experience in both people and dogs.

First, let your dog get used to getting a bath in repayment similar to a shy and pleasant. Before you try to walk.

B Dog later have to remember that dogs are not natural bath. They hit the water or roll in the mud to keep cool when it hot So the instinct to use those instincts to be a boon. The dog to exercise on his first hot shower and I will follow.

Not permit Huang Huang, toys and food at all First, make sure that Your dog know that you are the owner of all toys. Must ensure that they give you the calm before the food Dogs must not be threatened and growl if you go close as he was eating.

Does not permit non-stop barking. If your dog is barking too much trouble. Most often caused by congestion's physically and mentally. This is a dog needs more exercise.

Feeding drug simple (Part 3)



How to enter a drug dog by hand.

Start by hand anywhere. Depending on aptitude Assembly took the dog. Suppose that the right-hand Assembly in dogs. We use the right palm facing down. Touched directly across the nose bridge Ridge between the nose with thumb and finger, left finger 4 inches and 5 inches on the lips of the dog. Then exert all fingers down both sides of the lips. Very tired my forte. But must be strong enough to make the lips and press down on the gums and teeth. It refers to the brother with the mouth.

When the dogs mouth and then. We use the index finger with the middle finger of his left hand to grip the tablet slowly placed into the base of the dog tongue. Then, immediately draw hands with the labor press of the right hand to quiet the dog. Then use the left hand does not help catch the dog mouth tablets such information back out with May observe that the drug dog to swallow or not. By looking at the neck of the dog. Will be able to see gestures of reconciliation

How well do in.. Hopefully everyone will help friends can relieve some worry. If you must enter a drug dog in the next favorite. However. To enter a drug dog. I always have to enter with caution. Not so. Dangerous dogs rather than taking medicine and then disappear as the disease.

The iron rule of the dog for good behavior. (part 1)


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Rules that you set up the dog in your home. All up to you all. But beyond the rule over some rules that I suggest you do a lot. To maintain the position of your boss to remain unchanged.

If the dog sleep on your bed. You must create the conditions that If the dog will wake up before you get to drink or to stretch legs stretch shin. He had to get out of bed quietly and wait, you need to get up quietly and wait for you as people began his daily pattern.

Start each day with a slight touch or talk. Keep your love I keep after the walk. Well, walking is the connection to the relationship between you and your dog. If you take him to walk. I should have walked for about an hour every morning. But if you do not have time for a full hour to walk a dog indeed Dogs may be carrying a backpack with To make the dog more exercise. For the tools was Ar Su dog track for half an hour. While you are preparing to leave for work.

Time to feed the dog. Be calm and quiet and do not feed the dog when he jumps up and down back and forth. Dog food when they are sitting quietly, he would not give the number of food if he is utterly barking. Your dog will be no waste, leftovers. Or interrupting your meal time. When the boss is dining. Have no one to interfere. You will need to set the distance that the dog you are away from the table of food. And shall be based on the action. Do not believe the dog's eyes that cried.

To love Should teach your dog to accept the conditions of peace. , Then make love. Up to the time out to work. From doing things you're determined Eongืn The eggs with your dog. So that both you and he had a beautiful morning at the balance and satisfying.

Do not make a big deal. For out of the house. Or go home. If you must leave the dog in the house one day. You can train them easily by letting you pretend to walk in and out of the house several times to do this even twice. Before releasing him on a single truth and if they allow dogs and peace. It was not supposed to talk or eye contact while away from home may be difficult, but it is a way to help the dog not to be anxious when alone.

If your dog exercise properly and do not nurture the fear or anxiety, then read the Sunan. Clock's natural life, they would say. When you are away. Time and he should stay silent.

Feeding drug simple (Dogazine) (Part 2)



Tip for keeping drugs.

Upon receipt of veterinary medicine from the time any Must always make sure that the correct drug or not. When the drug back to the house, it must retain the right way with Whose practices are in. Simple.

1. Keep medicines in a place where a handful of easy to use, easy ventilation. But not exposed to sunlight. Or very hot. And should not be in areas where dogs will be able to rake out the drug played.

2. Do not keep track type of antibiotic in the same envelope. Or similar containers. Because the time will have to hope that drugs must have missed each color looks exactly how shall Hiibผid.

3. Before the drug always remember to note that Drug precipitation or color change or not.

4. Check expiration dates on medication or drugs. Written at the drug packets. Add to come before each use.

5. Close the lid tightly medicine bottles or bags each time after drug use.

I do ... If cat has bad breath.



Dental equipment is important in chewing food, whether people or animals have to be taken care of as well. Because if we neglect Ignoring the problem will follow. In general, people are often the cats will not be interested or care about oral health of the cat quite few. Because the primary focus will be to take care of your cat food rather than the interests of the cat oral.

The cat is often found that more than 3 years of age had a very bad breath. Because cats are not allowed animals to mess with the mouth at all. If anyone had entered medicine. I'll find a great problem. It will see both legs of the cat nails are ejected at the people entering. Let's see how to solve the problem for well over cat.

1. Have to take our cat to scaling. Because when even more souls. It's even more plaque accumulation. Especially cats eat soft food. Limestone is more than cats that eat grain. In fact, we should take a cat to oral health every six months if need be, they should be scaling them to Honor Honor rice water before 12 hours because it required general anesthesia.

2. Withdrawal or removal or lose teeth rocking out. Because it can cause mouth odor. Perhaps we can say that the bad teeth. Only when scaling from it.

3. If you need medication, it is a little more vigorously, because it will be used to control microorganisms that are not too many. Continuing to eat at least 5-10 days.

4. Multivitamin use in the treatment. In particular vitamin C. Will allow the tissue in the mouth healthy.

5. Remove the yellow stains away. That is to brush teeth. But rather a bit difficult. It is a little easier to have symptoms of food grain or fiber, it will help.

Although it is not easy to take care of cat's mouth. If you see the importance to keep your cat healthy mouth that may lead to the heart of a cat. I need to do. Because when compared to people. When we have a toothache, we will have symptoms such as income. The cat would like. Even if the teeth to chew food with crunch issues. I have followed the problem.

Feeding drug simple (Dogazine) (Part 1)


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What used to feel like? That When our dogs need to take drugs that do not ... why it seemed to be really difficult to lose than to enter it each player took several drops of sweat ever. Some even refused to eat the other drug resistance easily. Even more of the same big headache. Today we bring drug dogs how to enter simple to leave each other in..

How to enter a drug dog has the following simple.

1. In the oral tablet for dogs. When the dog caught the mouth. We quickly put the pill down the valve stem and dogs to swallow pills own throats. If medication tablets that the tip of the tongue or other areas of oral dog will be able to text back the pills and then spit left breast to have. Drug lost to waste.

2. To enter the tablet is eliminated. We must catch tablets inserted into the mouth of the dog. And have limited exposure to saliva of dogs with That the saliva may have some diseases that people, especially next to "Rabies" with lethal rapids so tired my friends in need to enter the drug dog is not familiar Before deciding to enter the tablet with his hand. We should know the history of the dog in. I do. A brother, it must ensure that He has no contagious diseases that may not make ourselves safe.

3. If possible, we should enter a good pill for dogs. Using tools such as forceps or Balling Gun, which would be better if you use these tools as a help. Hands of the people will not enter the saliva of the dog must touch it.

4. Do not use Khim hand or neck massage at the dog. To help him swallow the pill. What it is not beneficial and may even make dog can not swallow the drug as well.

5. To provide tablets that Sometimes we do not need to enter a drug dog. But the pills may be inserted into the dog likes to eat the food and favors, such as tablets were stuffed in bread or Hot Dog. Then take the dog to eat etc.

6. To enter the tablet to dogs. If hand contact with the saliva of the dog. After entering drug completely and then. Do not forget to wash your hands immediately to keep clean and prevent disease.

7. The dog ate the drug classes of drugs. Somewhat easier to enter many pills. Open your mouth, because no dog in any way. Can be entered while the dog was tied to the mouth. It is also possible to use tsp. Or syringe ใsnya or use water for injection to enter into the cheeks to bulge with the dog.

How easy to enter the drug dog is to use the syringe inserted into the cheek. Inserted into moderate and then gradually inject not inject too much force. Do not try to directly inject throats. It could force injection dog vomit Or may cause infections, bronchial aspiration was. Which is harmful to dogs.

Dog licking face .. It shows his true love.



Dog licking his face ... really loving or other behavior that we often see a dog show with a variety of their respective owners. Whether it's greeting. Amour This behavior shows that love sometimes understand each other, it is understood that the expression of this dog means a dog that he loved us.

Today we will take the dogs behavior around other people to think that they do because they express their love. The behavior of dogs that like to lick the page. Sounds, then everyone would think like that because he is not sure enough said. He shows that this design, they want the media to know that I love him like I boss. But wait a study of the science of dog behavior Neu called Dr. Katherine A. Houpt Dr. Katherine A. Houpt to tell the hidden meaning of a kiss thy shed .... fact is that the behavior of But you shed attached by a small dog licking behavior is used to tell the mother that are hungry and want to eat dairy. Such a behavior. Contact for a long time and stick to the habit when the dog is growing up. So look to lick the face of the shed are you. May not show the love that people use in Europe. However, the only means. "Let me eat a little food."

So do not misunderstand that dogs love you and wish you a lot of expression by kissing and licking your face. The award for swat kiss thy shed with no food for it. Guarantee that you will soon have a dog that obesity is a disease easily and lumber. Best way is to reward the viewing pat my head and take them to take them to activities such as running around and exercising more is more appropriate.

When cat be Vomiting wrong



Vomiting is another symptom frequently found in younger cats, sometimes it may be common, such as vomiting after eating grass. After licking or transport yourself into. But sometimes Vomiting may indicate a malfunction in the body as well.

Vomiting caused by disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Resulting data back out of what is in the stomach back into the mouth. May be caused by eating too much. Eating too fast. Skin down to the difficult to digest. Variety of food too. Or scavenger waste into The symptoms are mild and can be cured itself. But beyond this May be caused by certain diseases such as Infections with gastrointestinal parasites in the liver, kidney disease, cancer or diabetes, etc.

If the cat is vomiting once. And still have fun running around cheerful as usual. Would not be anything to worry about. Because of vomiting may be caused by normal to above, and lost itself.

If the cat is vomiting and us enough to know why such change occurred after the food Or cat to eat tree leaves or something and then vomiting. Get rid of it cause them.

But if a cat is vomiting repeatedly absorbed appetite or other symptoms should be immediately associated with a veterinarian immediately be found. Doing so may lead to dehydration and shock can.


Start by asking general history, such as eating parasite vaccine transformation frequency of vomiting. And characteristics of vomiting, etc. with a physical examination. Feel that the abdominal pain or unusual abdominal mass or not. Blood and urine Check that the egg parasite stool or blood in or not. Apart from this Subject to special examination such as X-rays of ultra Sarah Grand or endoscopy. In patients with complex disease to find the real cause of vomiting following.


Treatment according to the cause vomiting. For cats with vomiting. But bonny And no other symptoms associated with May provide a cure vomiting. Or saline via subcutaneous And observation at home. However, in cats with vomiting associated with other symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite should be under the supervision of a doctor within 24 hours prior to eat or abstain water. Changes to the drug salt and mineral nutrients to the blood instead.

If the younger and feel better with Miao. Can go home. Owners should provide prescription drug that your doctor recommended the strict and timely gradually try to enter the water, brother Miao eat at a little bit without vomiting again, they try to younger Miao eat soft food such as rice Since animals do not. stick to it. Or canned food ready. For sick cats. If no vomiting within 1-2 days to begin to resume their normal diet. If the vomiting again. Will have to hurry back to consult a doctor immediately.


To prevent younger Miao vomiting. Be careful not to do so by Miao brother had the opportunity to experience what might be toxic or eat unusual things. And keep waiting Tong Sang a feeding and general health. Complete vaccination and parasite taken regularly every 3 months.

Ascites Disease



Often see a street dog. Sleep skinny body. But the stomach to grow abnormally large. Symptoms due to "dropsy," Yes, but that the disease dropsy Even find the dogs. Lost when My favorite dog of many people who have to suffer from this disease each other, so today we'll take your friends to get to know each other in. dropsy disease which maybe one day this disease visit our dogs without the invitation. It will be observed. And keep each other instantly.

Dropsy or ascites is a symptom of a fluid accumulation within the abdomen abnormally These may be spread by fluid from the blood vessel. Lymph nodes, internal organs or tumors in the abdomen so the causes of dropsy are a variety of reasons very For example.

1. State that the body protein, albumin, albumin as low as the protein is made by the liver. Acts like a sponge waiting to absorb the blood. When the level of albumin as lower. Water will spread out in blood. And access to the abdomen. Or to accumulate in various tissues of the body, causing dropsy And body water retention. The reasons why albumin levels as low Usually caused by liver disease. Kidney disease, gastrointestinal disease and so on.

2. Severe liver disease.

3. Diseases of heart

4. Tumor in the abdomen.

5. Peritoneal inflammation.

6. Disorders of blood coagulation.

7. Diseases related to lymph node

8. Arterial blockages. The only blood from the liver. Flowing back to the heart.

Common symptoms in dogs.

Abdominal enlargement.

Dyspnoea tiredness.

Fever, cough.

Vomiting, diarrhea.

Bored with food


The decision to include multiple To obtain the cause of the disease causing dropsy, including a detailed history taking. Physical examination, blood and urine. The X-ray abdomen. And water penetration in the abdomen out to analyze the culture, or in case of infection associated with

In addition, further testing may need to be special, such as ultrasound. Measured wave heart And endoscopic examination (Endoscope).


If the enlarged abdomen. It has a lot of water in the abdomen. Cause discomfort and difficulty breathing dog will need to drill drainage in the stomach. Along with the drug secrete The water must not drain out until it is too. It may shock the dog.

In cases of respiratory distress. Will need to join with oxygen. And fluid into the blood vessels to suit the condition of each dog. The disinfectant And consider a blood transfusion in patients with bleeding in the abdomen. And consider the surgery Egrongdgoong in patients with infections of the water in the abdomen.

Top 10 Diseases of Dog and Cat, but people do not know.


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1. Diseases such as breast cancer, skin, white blood cells, bone, bladder, oral cavity

2. Diseases both acute and chronic renal failure.

• acute leg pain after walking stiff dry with no urine or less
• chronic drink urine more frequently with weight loss, and mouth odor.

3. Cholelithiasis all parts of the urinary tract including the kidney, bladder, urethra, renal tubular lining the urinary tract irritation. Urinary pain is not contrary to or some urine out.

4. Pathogenesis of heart disease, including heart worm. Valvular regurgitation. Acute heart failure. Heart failure, chronic asthma symptoms tiredness dry cough decreased feeding.

5. Diabetes in dogs caused by immune cells destroy pancreatic insulin production is not, in cats caused by obesity. Pancreatitis. Induced or immune cells of the pancreas itself. Animals drink and urinate more symptoms. Eat a lot but losing weight. Acute dehydration. In dogs caused by the cataract.

6. Allergies including food allergies, dust or air is expressed by a dog scratching licking feet Let's face scrub the floor. May have diarrhea. Or vomiting.

7. Cataract occur at any age, any breed there are many causes may be congenital or other reasons, such as diabetes, infection curve to be toxic and the aging characteristics of the apple was a white cloud to see people walking down things.

8. Degenerative hip disease occur in dogs of all ages. To walk or run with the wrong. In cases of a very Could not walk.

9. AIDS cats are often complications of other infections. Impaired immune system because animals will be killed. Contact caused by saliva from the bite, especially male cats.

10. Epilepsy is not the exact cause. Often found in dogs aged 1-5 years had seizures since the facial twitches to sleep seizures. Urine and feces did not know. If the animal seizure longer than five minutes, immediately to the hospital.

How to house beautiful And pet-friendly.


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Fur-Friendly Furnishing

The secret of beautiful homes and friendly to pets ?

.... Is the use of durable materials and home detention deal for a good cleaning should also reduce the danger of a different tune for your pet. Or accumulated dirt.

No area carpet cleaning easier and keep house smell so if you have pets. Try switching to wood flooring or tile flooring instead of carpet. Carpet and a small crab into sections to add a warm feeling. Using adhesive tape at the bottom to keep pets, drag it back and forth.

Curtains made of thick fabric is stored hair pet hair, so switching to wood blinds or acrylic flat other than better.

Do not forget to hide the wires that already different because your pet may nibble or bite, it was lacking.

Be careful about the trees. It may become the pet of a private toilet. And some may be toxic to pets.

Consider using cloth cover removable furniture. So as to remove the cleaner. And changes are easier to change the furniture when it ripped.

Now the animals are used for design and style to functional and beautiful, so beautiful. Try of these pet animals, such as toys, sleeping pad or pet dishes. For decoration instead of the usual dressing that may damage or harm your pet.

Just arrange appropriate home for it allows you Dissemination pet live together happily.

When the cat became infected with AIDS.



On Saturday past. And brother took our cat to be vaccinated for medical diseases. Can be identified with cats. From which to make AIDS tests showed that a "cat AIDS".

Finally, a doctor I did not do nothing but poison and disease vaccine cat (dog), mad doctors fear that the vaccine and the other to make up the disease. Vaccine is different because all the germs that cause weakened if the vaccine to those already May encourage bacteria to wake up. The cat is caused various diseases because of the cats own immune low already. While rabies is able to infect humans. I need to inject

To understand a little "AIDS" is the word AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV / AIDS in both cats and people will look the same. Immune conditions in the lower. Until the opportunity for pathogens to attack the causes of various diseases.

While the infection that cause immune deficiency in humans is a virus called HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, but aids the cat from the virus called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV word Feline is constructed by all the animals family cats jaguar Cheetah is the virus that causes immune deficiency disease in animals, cat family.

In short, AIDS and the cat is attacking the immune system as well. But from a different virus. And most importantly, can not cross the species.

How have the cats infected with AIDS.

The cats have been around any more than half of the virus that cause immune deficiency in the total Especially cats by the side of the road that often fight each other to vie for bite of food. Taking residence. That channel of AIDS in cats that communicate with each other by biting each other and caused a deep bloody wound. The installation from the mother (cat) to child (cat) that occurs only rarely. Lick the fur will not stick together. And sex of the cat. It does not affect income - spread FIV.

In the cat family animals - a tiger is a predator. Must be fought. Is limited in order to survive. Is it possible that Contact you FIV infection is caused by a funnel. "The natural behavior of cats."

If this is the man We can get HIV virus from blood and body fluids such substances. The sex is not protected. The use of shared needles. And mother to child. Is it possible that Normal channels, would be these. "Natural behavior" in human life.

If the cat has FIV infection only care for a healthy cat. Eat the right foods. To avoid weak body. Will prevent the symptoms of the disease. Which did not differ in men with AIDS at all.

Different, but only in men. People with AIDS, it is often condemn find that a moral defect and that fact is not so.

The annual pet health check


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The dog that We should take the annual health check on a regular basis so that we will know early any chance that the dogs have any illness or disease than to know when a bad call.

In dogs and cats, aged 5 years and last year should have a blood test to check your pharmacist take pleasure every year. Although outside the body may look healthy But may have latent disease. We do not know. The more I too late already. Even if the old dog a lot, checking blood Health checks it is much needed.

What can I say a blood test.

Blood tests that Will find information that can tell me. Our pets are normal or abnormal. If wrong from any organ. For all the diagnostic treatment. And prevent the diseases. The data were obtained from a blood test ...

1. The enumeration is divided into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

- The number of red blood cells. If a lower level than normal. Show that the condition of anemia. In the case of severe anemia. This may indicate a parasitic disease in many diseases such as blood. Chronic renal failure etc.

- White blood cell count. A condition that indicates an infection that occurs in the body. Because white blood cells to protect the invasion of various pathogens.

- Platelets are responsible for controlling blood coagulation and message text. If the number falls below normal levels. Indication of abnormal condition of blood coagulation. When bleeding. Blood will stop flowing slowly The bruise blood or skin. The cause of decreased platelet blood parasites such as some drugs (chemotherapy), immune diseases themselves against loss of blood and bone marrow cancer and so on.

2. The competency examination of the liver.

Liver is the organ that the body is very important. Because liver acts of some protein synthesis. Excretion of waste or certain medicines. And accumulation of various kinds. In the case of liver damage or the congestion of the bile duct. Liver enzymes will shed some out at a higher level than normal levels in the bloodstream.

3. The competency examination of the kidney.

Normally kidneys filter the wastes will act from the body. Will be excreted with urine. But in case of kidney damage. Can not filter the waste. Instead of waste will be driving them. It was absorbed into the bloodstream. These wastes, which will take effect on the function of various organ system disorders that occur with the filter of the kidney could be detected from the waste up in the bloodstream.

4 .. check blood sugar levels.

To diagnose diabetes. And track outcomes.

5. Check electrolyte levels associated light and pH balance in the bloodstream.

Usually examined in emergency and metabolic disease due to electrolyte A certain light. Balance and pH effect on heart function. If the fix is in the equilibrium. Animals may also have an emergency out of several types of special inspection can be from the blood. The veterinarians who treat the investigation as appropriate.

The like? Blood test can tell whether what we are many. And aid in the diagnosis correctly. And to check the condition of the body. If you want the pet is with us a long time coming Let's health.

When children want to have pets


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If you want a child at heart the BeforeTransfer cast Children need to know and love animals. In addition to the psychological impact of children but also the responsibility of children to have children who also want to have pets of my own, and to importune parents bought him a walk through a pet store. In the opinion of veterinarians and psychologists agree that there is a positive influence on their children.

Good things from the animals. In view of the veterinary

The benefit of the children animals as "animal children will have a gentle soul. Understand the sympathy of others. Recognize the value of life. About be considerate Care about others Until it emerged as an additional responsibility.

Important to help children know how to seek knowledge. To allow his livestock with quality. The morality that On mercy The first. He must learn to empathize. Willed myself to not like in the past. Need to think of animals with When you see the animals themselves injured party has always been there. When learning to help animals then. No problem can help others. This is an addictive habit until it has grown. "

Good things from the animals. In view of the psychologist.

The animals or children have the opportunity to close the pet. The first issue is that children will get to know their children will have to love mercy, if children do not have the opportunity to be with animals or animal Children do not know mercy at all. Become a hate animals. And the training of children to express kindness to animals. Children will develop their own unconscious. A person with morals and ethics when they grow up.

Smart cat like dog training. (Part 3)



Smart cat like dog training. More than anything it's hard

you may be a headache. If I ask someone to help train the younger cats at home. Condition is not so much. Just ask the newspaper to the house period. Limited leg was stolen or ambush, it is still good ... I'm willing to pay how much they throw.

Activity 3: What to bath together.

1. Preparation equipment has been reached to hold younger cat to the bathroom.

- Put on the sink. With bottles of shampoo, conditioner & Partners.

- Eoobeey shampoo into the water bath and then start rubbing fur

- Younger cats like to roll on any Pornrd -*- being murdered.

- Taking a shower wipe the console with a snack for a cat.

2. Carried to the bathroom.

- Put down the sink or hose open lotus vegetables but will permit

- A shampoo, bath scrubs.

- Pornrd other younger cats squirm again.

- Wipe the variable d feather Then to his favorite dessert.

3. Carried to the bathroom.

- Now as then realized. Moan, cry with little paranoid.

- From bathing seriously.

- Squirm a little.

- Wipe the brush followed by a delicious dessert.

The three activities that will see the accomplishments of the younger cat a bath is quite difficult. And behavioral change more slowly than other missions. Because cats do not like the shower. He felt that it was not safe. Therefore, we must protect them with comfort Rubbing the head, torso, he was comforting to the ear.

In this case, good for him behavior we observed is. The less time they roll a bath. Little or no flex at all. Let's face it a good shove to the belly, people bathing. Because it would be very difficult. If the younger cat to cooperate. By standing still allow us to have a comfortable bath.

The three basic activities are activities that can be cultured without training Heuhry his kindness very much. Because of that, to train a cat to get a younger dog, it is hard for dogs to behave like a younger cat. Each animal species has a different characteristic. Please do not expect that all the children I have to do it in a theater may simply assume that people all have the same hands. But there is not the same. Just as it in. Likewise.

Cats with paracetamol



"If the younger cats sick with fever, paracetamol can enter the drug to eat first. Then brought to a doctor or not? ".

... This may be a question that many people suspect. And often ask veterinarians this question, which often may be because Yong writes Dmeor veterinary medicine actually paracetamol. In addition, it has no effect in the treatment of symptoms of cat. Also likely to be toxic to cats too easy.

The drug paracetamol. Is a generic home with analgesic and antipyretic properties. To be recognized by the common man. And often has always attached house. It can be bought easily and conveniently. Without the prescribing doctor. From the ease and convenience ago. That many pet owners A brand you take this drug used to treat their sick animals. It is understood that to be successful as well.

However, would require students to be aware of this understanding. Understanding why it is terribly wrong in the body of the animal. Especially younger cats. A mechanism to change the drug. Unlike in the body of the people. It also caused toxicity in the body that is usually people and animals that received drug paracetamol in normal size. Be changed drug paracetamol (1) through the process of A and B substances into metabolites out type 2 and 3, which is not harmful. Excretion can be.

But the younger cat as an animal that is limited in changing drug through the process of A and B, it makes a change drugs via a C increased, which in the process of changing drug C will make a solid NAPQI (4) with. toxic to the cells came to be. Get younger cats to change the substance 4 to 5 substances can be slow as well. So I made four toxins increasingly congested.

Now we see that the four substances do to the body some younger cats. This occurs when the substance affects the liver cells. Get to the red blood cell changes in the form of oxygen that can not handle. (Methemoglobin), both of which are dangerous to the status of the younger cat is extremely It can cause liver failure. Blood or neonatal hypoxia. And eventually death.

The medication was paracetamol to cats. Symptoms are often weak absorption dyspnoea gum instead of a dark, dark pink, as usual. It also found that tumor incidence, etc. with the severity of symptoms. It depends on the amount of drug that has been with. Which it has been reported that Cats can be toxic. Although the drug paracetamol only 10 mg per body weight 1 kg (assuming that the younger cats weight 5 kg if eating only fragments 1 to 10 parts of the drug paracetamol, 500 mg also caused toxicity, then) and toxicity discussed. to this Is a state of emergency. Should take your cat to see a veterinarian as soon brother.

When I knew this already. It should be very careful in using the drug to cat. Do not bring drugs to people with pets would be best sergeant.

Smart cat like dog training. (Part 2)



Smart cat like dog training. More than anything it's hard

you may be a headache. If I ask someone to help train the younger cats at home. Condition is not so much. Just ask the newspaper to the house period. Limited leg was stolen or ambush, it is still good ... I'm willing to pay how much they throw.

Activity 2: Training in - out of the house (with windows).

1. It's time to play.

- Held him in the area. Open the window to the front of the eye.

- Guidelines for him to pass out the window to play.

- Time your run, come back by calling him at the same window.

- When a Krado up to the house to ask the same window open to take them to wipe the torso and then dessert.

2. It's time to play.

- Carried into space.

- Open the window to navigate in and out

- Calls home when it's time schedule.

- Ran into the house when called. And a dessert as a reward.

3. It's time to play.

- Walk their own chest requests.

- Open the window, he jumps off his own.

- It's time to ask yourself home.

- To the house waiting to eat dessert.

The two activities can be seen that if the action is repeated often, he remembered. And know how to do so is candy not to possess In the first phase need to navigate hint. Facilitate the open window, he sent and received. But later, even though the party still in bed reading comics. When it comes out. He will continue to voice Mien that any request from you is to stop reading and then open them out to play. And is waiting for that when he was Mien. "Get me home."

After significant home. Do not forget to clean the body Because the grip of this disease outbreak million are girls watched if we do not clean enough. Younger cats, cute May become a bad virus vectors into the house without knowing it.

Why should not use people shampoo for your dog



If the answer is a peremptory Try to shatter the people would return to answer simple short "because it is not suitable for dogs, sure enough in. inappropriate because the structure of the dog's skin. Differ quite a lot of people.

First of all, it is the acidity - alkalinity of the skin in human skin is pH - pH is called pH is around 5.5, while you shed will have a pH over the pH Pra Mark 7.5.

The thickness of the uppermost layer of skin cells. Dogs are only 3-5 layers only a few more than we like the people are available to 10-15 floor

Of flaking skin. The people will take about one week longer than the dog is 28 days and the dog takes about 20 days.

Many dog breed is normally shed hair. This is similar to the season. Is, sure enough, some periods of the year in.. In contrast to the hair person. Am I about to expire and come up with a replacement continuous throughout.

Sweat glands of people we have in common. Unlike dogs are located at the foot. If the observant little time hot weather, we will concentrate the foot licking. Sure enough to release the heat in..

Would see each other enough and I are tired. Why various products such as shampoo or soap of people that did not work for you shed Whether there is an outstanding feature (for people) or expensive matter how unreasonable.

Smart cat like dog training. (Part 1)



Smart cat like dog training. More than anything it's hard

you may be a headache. If I ask someone to help train the younger cats at home. Condition is not so much. Just ask the newspaper to the house period. Limited leg was stolen or ambush, it is still good ... I'm willing to pay how much they throw.

But know that, because his ideas both Both dogs and cats are different. The only way of training a cat dog. Does not apply to cats. In particular, the training required for the punishment to mediate activation It will cause a cat to behave well. Rather than changing behavior. But became a silent resistance against hate and fear the bully the other party separately. If so must be used for training theory, classical conditioning is the best way to adjust behavior to the younger cat is like a heart.

We even reward him very much. He will learn more quickly. Although it sounds strange, but this is true. If you think the younger cat behavior modification. The test and learned he will make him remember that if they do this. They will get that. And if he wants something more then. He had to do something like this made fried ...

Activity 1: Training as a way to purge.

1. Want to purge the sand for a cat toilet.

- The old value to drop to the next scent.

- Um younger cats to get used to the area.

- New younger cat excretion.

- Cleaning cat Scratch my head has been rubbed his chin and a liver flavor candy rewards.

2. Time to purge

- Hold a cat came into the area.

- Younger cats excrete

- The award

3.'s Time purge

- Younger cat walk itself.

- Younger cats excrete themselves.

- To receive awards.

From one activity to see that their excretion is normal in nature. But that he will stick. If the purge is completed, it will eat him, or beg in the request that he used to. Would have done so as an addictive behavior, semi-permanent

Are you ready ? ... Think before take care cat



The cute cat. Many people find so fascinating to them as a pet home. Did not lose a rival four-legged dog.

Yes, but that cat. Is the same ought to be easy because the survey people all cats. Some say that raising easier. But not less than half To guarantee that Not easy at all if you want a cat to cat Or cat to have physical strength. Mental Health and bright

Let's see whether the cat is ready to do anything ...

Environment home If the home does not wide enough area. It should abandon the idea that cats Eseietid. Because cats are independent animals, love. He wants to open space and other fried roll over the body horizontal climb any Stairways are not any less.

Food and care. " Must be planned well. If you leave the cat alone and without food. Cats will try to find food on its own.

When a cat is not dramatic pellet. Most cats can eat the canned food and food grain But it's not all. If cats do not like to eat food pellets. Will have to take a cat to find a veterinarian to check the Czech teeth see if they have problems or do not chew.

Food kitten age 2-3 weeks, breast milk is the source of the best nutrients. After 1-1 months of age during the half it started to canned food. But the soft water.

When the kitten reaches 8 weeks will be eating your own. If you change the brand of food should begin to change in this period. By mixing new and old food mixed with kitten, it wont switch to any new food has it all.

Amount of food when kittens grow up. May provide up to four small meals per day until the kitten aged 6 months to reduce the amount of food down. Because of the growth will gradually slow down the cat is less flexible and begin to slacken

On adult cats aged 1 year or more to eat only when they are hungry. We can only pellet food in the bowl. The key should not leave the canned food was left overnight.

Caution in cats. Home should be arranged in order. Especially trash and waste materials that are hazardous. Because cats are instinctive in animals sniffing

When the party decided to buy a beautiful cat. And wish him a long life. Can be expected to care. Treat a cat like a family member. Important Do not use violence against him.

Important before you buy to raise cats. The party may have more expenses. Not only for meals. But include the veterinarian for vaccinations. And medical expenses when the cats sick.

How well do in. ... if you check the list and then think that Are you with incredibly I ran to find a beautiful cat that I cultured mind. Mate each other as friends I.