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How frilling: Anne Hathaway reveals her slender legs in short lace dress at premiere of animated film Rio


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Legs on show: Anne Hathaway arrived to the premiere of her new animated movie Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last night in a short white dress

Being an animated movie, we only get to hear her voice in the film.

But it was different story at the premiere of Rio last night where Anne Hathaway took every opportunity to show off her incredible figure.

The actress revealed her toned legs in a short white frilly dress which she teamed with towering heels for the event in Rio de Janeiro.

Walking tall: The actress, who voices one of the characters in the film, teamed her frilly ensemble with a pair of towering heels

She was also joined by her co-stars, including Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx and Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am, who contributed to the soundtrack.

Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha's newest 3-D animation feature,Rio, is a tribute to his home town's natural beauty and upbeat approach to life.

Saldanha left Rio more than 20 years ago to try his luck as an animator in the United States.

On form: She smiled and chatted to happily to the Press during the event as she mingled on the blue carpet

After scoring hits such as Ice Age, the director returned to his roots to tell the story of the rare blue macaw, Blu, who was born in Brazil but raised in frigid Minnesota, where he never learned to fly.

In the movie, which opens in Brazil on Tuesday and on April 15 in the United States, Blu travels to Rio de Janeiro after his owners learn that a female blue macaw has been discovered there.

Here come the boys: She was joined by co-stars Jesse Eisenberg, left, and singer will.i.am, who has contributed to the movie's soundtrack

Blu, voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, meets the spunky Jewel, voiced by Anne Hathaway.

Together they escape animal traffickers, get in a brawl with monkeys, and fall in love as Blu learns to fly and rediscovers himself among sweeping views of the city.

'This is a beautiful present to Rio de Janeiro,' said Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto, who, as the voice of a toucan in the movie, had to sing 'The girl from Ipanema' off-key - something she says was very difficult.

The sound track included will.i.am as well as Brazilian musicians Carlinhos Brown and Sergio Mendes.

Acting up: Jamie Foxx was also on hand and put on a little performance before the photographers

On home turf: Actor Rodrigo Santoro, left, and director Carlos Saldanha, who are both from Brazil

One of the challenges, Saldanha said, was showing a Rio that was accessible to those who've never seen the city, but that still felt authentic to those who know it well.
'I hope this movie does it justice,' he said.

He did concede to making one change in his portrayal of the city to suit foreign audiences: a small readjustment to the size of Brazil's notoriously small bikinis in the movie's animated beachscapes.

'You cannot show everything,' he said. 'This movie was made for the world. I had to adjust. But at the end of the day, everything is as authentic as it can be.'

Rio - Trailer 2 HD 1080p

source: dailymail

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