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How did it get up THERE? Deer 'with wings' causes power outage (maybe it was trying to imitate Rudolph)


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Flying high: A power company lineman using a pole to remove a young deer carcass that was dropped onto a power line in East Missoula

It would have taken an incredible leap for this young deer to end up on the power lines above East Missoula.

But it is unlikely that the animal had an accident while trying to act like its distant-cousin Rudolph.

This fawn took out the power in the Montana town after it was dropped by a bird that bit of more than it could chew.

Lee Bridges said that shortly after the power went at around 9am, she spotted a bald eagle sitting in the top of her tree.

When a worker from the energy company turned up to investigate the power problems he spotted the fawn dangling from the power line.

The cause? A bald eagle deeds on a deer in Montana (file picture)

‘I ask him the problem,’ she said. ‘He pointed up at the power line and said, "Well you had a deer with wings on it.”

‘I looked up there and there was this fawn, a carcass of a fawn, up in the power line.’

Mrs Bridges suspects that the eagle dropped its prey and could not retrieve it.

Northwestern Energy removed the deer from the line and restored power after about a half-hour outage.

The lineman who removed the carcass from the power line said he had never seen anything like it.

source: dailymail

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