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My hair looks like a bird's nest: Baby blue tit mistakes man's head for a perch



By Daily Mail Reporter

Landing strip: The blue tit might have thought Bob Spencer's locks were a home from home

It gives new meaning to the saying: 'My hair looks like a bird's nest'. For in Bob Spencer's case, there might actually be an element of truth in it.

The 58-year-old was eagerly awaiting the fledgling flight of the baby blue tits nesting in his garden.

However, when one of the chicks eventually flew the nest it spotted the perfect landing spot - on the gardener's head.

Bird-loving Bob said: 'I was sitting on the patio reading the paper when I heard a little flutter and realised I had company.

'The little feller just sort of plonked himself down on my head - I think he thought it was a nest.

'He was very tame and I gently helped him onto my finger - he happily perched there for a few minutes before he flew off.'

The blue tit was one of four that hatched in Bob's garden in Strete, Devon, and luckily photographer Andy Lloyd, 31, was nearby to catch the moment on camera.

Bird in the hand: The fledgling blue tit chose Mr Spencer as his first resting port during its first flight from a nest box in his garden

Bob added: 'I feel quite honoured - I'm pretty sure it was the baby blue-tit's first flight and he chose to land on me.

'I've seen him in the garden since - he's getting bigger every day and seems quite happy.'


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