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Follow my lead: Dog owner loses FIVE STONE after putting her fat Lab on a diet too (and, yes, they went on a lot of walkies)


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By Daily Mail Reporter

Diet buddies: Alyson King, from Pontypridd, south Wales, lost more than five stone while her dog Lucky lost two stone

A dog owner who lost more than five stone in one year has seen her Labrador win an award for HIS slimming efforts.

Alyson King, 49, also put Lucky on a diet after she was told by doctors to lose weight because of a heart problem.

The grandmother, from Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, south Wales, weighed 17 stone while Lucky was more than 8 stone.

Lucky was announced the winner of vet organisation PDSA's Pet Fit Club annual prize. He had been struggling to walk after gaining weight from biscuits and roast chicken dinners.

The Labrador lost two stone and five inches from the waist which is likely to increase his life expectancy by several years.

Mrs King, a housewife, said: 'I guess you could say it's true pets take after their owners.

'I started trying to lose weight after suffering with heart palpitations. Around that time Lucky wasn't in the best of shape because he had problems with his legs due to his size.

Shedding the weight: Alyson King weighed 17stone at her heaviest (L) before losing five stone

'So we both went on a diet and the results have been amazing. All the extra exercise I've been giving him has helped me losing five stone, so it's been a real weight-loss journey for the both of us.

She added: 'I'm so thrilled at the change in Lucky. Before Pet Fit Club he struggled to walk properly because of pain in his joints and hated all types of exercise.

'But that's all changed now. As the weight has dropped off he's become much more energetic. He certainly keeps me in check - if he thinks it's time for walkies he starts whining at me so I don't forget.'

Lucky triumphed over fellow contestants - four dogs and six cats - to take the title of Pet Fit Club Champion and is now the charity's slimming ambassador.

This year's finalists lost a total of 40kg - equivalent to 100 tins of pet food.

One too many dog's dinners: Lucky the labrador is champion of the PDSA Pet Fit Club after losing two stone

The PDSA said more than one in three cats and dogs are overweight and it is expected that half of pets will be obese by 2013.

Senior vet Elaine Pendlebury said: 'The transformation in Lucky and all of this year's pet participants is truly fantastic. Obesity is a growing problem amongst UK pets.

'But this year's Pet Fit Club finalists are a great example of what can be achieved and we hope this will inspire others to make a positive change to their pets' lifestyles.'

As well as the title, Lucky won his owner £300 of holiday vouchers.

She said: 'I haven't yet decided where I'm going to use them, but I quite like the idea of a walking holiday in Devon.'

And the runners up...

Second place: Rottweiler Maddison, 8, from Liverpool. Slimmed from 8.2 stone to 6.4 stone

Third place: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Max, 3, from Portsmouth. He dropped from 3.1 stone to 2.5 stone


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