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It's a dog's life: The golden retriever in a world of bliss at bath time


By Charles Walford

Most dogs see bathtime as something to be endured rather than enjoyed

But Casper the golden retriever loves nothing better than a nice warm bath - with a massage from a loved one thrown in for good measure.

And where other dogs would be inclined to leap from the water and leave a trail of bubbles over the carpet, Casper simply submerges himself in the soapy waters and lets his owner get on the task of making him shine.

And just like his human counterparts relaxing after a tough day at the office, Casper even lies with his head underwater, letting his troubles wash away.

Casper appears to be in a state of total bliss as his owner gives him a bath

Perhaps a day of chasing his tail, fetching sticks and generally acting adorably has taken its toll, or he needs to unwind from the pressure of being man's best friend.

Either way he appears to be in a state of total bliss as his willing owner washes his hair and strokes his tummy.

The video was posted on Youtube by a user who said they got Casper from Y Rock Ranch in Arizona.

And to allay the fears of those who said that using human shampoo could hurt Casper, his loving owners reveal they use a specialist ‘oatmeal baking soda’ shampoo.

At one point Casper submerges his head, with his eyes fully underwater

The pampered golden retriever gazes up lovingly at his owner as he enjoys his luxurious bath


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