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Let me give you a helping paw: Cat pushes its friend down loft steps


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By Rob Cooper

Peering over: Bella looks over the edge and prepares to walk around six metres down the steps of this ladder

Peering over the edge, this kitten looked too scared to clamber out of the loft.

Gingerly Bella takes a step forward as she carefully tries to make her way down the steps with Kimba lurking behind her.

As the six month old kitten climbs carefully over the edge, she glances up at the white cat who is watching her closely preparing to pounce.

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Mischief: A Bella walks over the edge Kimba, who is around a year and a half old, watches waiting for the moment to reach out with a paw playfully

Then, just as she prepares to take her fifth step, Kimba reaches out playfully with a left paw and prods Bella's rear legs sharply.

The terrified kitten - who was not injured - is sent tumbling down to the floor below by the mischievous cat.

The hilarious incident was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube just before Christmas.

Despite taking a heavy tumble Bella was not injured as she fell.

Over the edge: Kimba reaches out with his paw as Bella makes her way down out of the loft in this video which has been published on YouTube

Playful prod: Kimba pushes Bella and sends her tumbling down the ladder. Remarkably, he was not injured in the fall

It is unclear when or where the video was filmed although it was posted by a web user in Sydney, Australia.

One viewer wrote: 'Though I feel kinda bad for Bella that was funny. Glad she's okay.'

Another person said: 'I feel so bad laughing at this. I just can't help it.'

The 11-second clip had already been viewed over 963,000 times on YouTube.

Gone: Bella disappears after being pushed over the edge. The 11-second video has already been viewed more than 963,000 times


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