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The new Knut? Polar bear cub rejected by mother wins army of admirers in Danish wildlife park


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Scroll down for an unbelievably cute video

By Wil Longbottom

Super-cute: Siku is being hand-reared in Denmark after his mother failed to produce milk to feed him

Eyes squeezed shut and pink tongue lolling out, this is the tiny polar bear cub that has captured hearts at a wildlife park.

Siku is being hand-reared by staff at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, near Kolind, Denmark, because his mother has not been able to produce enough milk to feed him.

But this video footage of him enjoying a rub down by one of his three carers has won him a legion of admirers online.

Adorable: Siku, which means 'Sea ice' in Greenlandic, takes a nap after being born last month

Happy to play: Tiny Siku has paws in the air as he's lying on a table

Siku, which means 'ice' in the inuit language Iñupiaq, was born last month at the wildlife park in the north east of the country.

His online fame resembles that enjoyed by polar bear Knut, who became a celebrity at Berlin zoo after his mother rejected him in 2007.

The new cub will need 24-hour attention and has a group of three specially trained carers who will continue to look after him until he is one years old.

Can't see me: Siku the polar bear cub has his eyes squeezed shut at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Denmark

Attention: The cub will have to be looked after for a year by a team of three carers because his mother was unable to produce enough milk to feed him

Give me a hand: The tiny animal grips one of his carer's fingers. Footage of him enjoying a back rub has made him an internet star

Knut died on March 19 in front of hundreds of visitors to Berlin zoo after collapsing and falling into the water in his enclosure.

The four-year-old polar bear was suffering from encephalitis - swelling of the brain - and drowned after he fell into the pool.


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