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Better check your wing mirrors: Swan brings traffic to a standstill on busy motorway


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Why did the swan cross the road? The bird held up traffic near junction 3 of the M4 motorway, west London

Drivers who checked their wing mirrors on the M4 motorway this morning got quite a shock... as a swan calmly waddled across the road.

As traffic crawled along junction 3 at Hayes, west London, the bird even paused halfway across and extended its wings to slow the approach of an oncoming lorry.

Luckily for the swan, there already appeared to be a tailback on the road, which is close to Heathrow, so there was no danger of a high-speed collision.

You looking at me? The swan seemed unfazed by all the attention

And to help the confused pedestrian on its way, a man was seen escorting it across the hard shoulder to safety.

This swan is just the latest in a long line of rogue animals to cause havoc on our roads.

In June last year, runaway cows were sighted, also on the M4, leading to hours of delay.

And in 2009, a herd of pigs escaped onto a motorway in Essex after the lorry carrying them crashed.

Helping hand: A man makes sure the swan reaches safety on the other side

Don't get in a flap: The bird lives to tell the tale

source: dailymail

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