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ExtermiNUT! Squirrel looks out of this world as he dons Dalek-shaped bird feeder


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By Daily Mail Reporter

Ex-squirrel-ate! This squirrel looks like a dalek in disguise as it gets its head inside the novel feeder

Ex-squirrel-ate! This squirrel looked like he was impersonating one of television's most famous baddies when he stuck his head inside a bizarre Dalek-shaped feeder.

The novel creation, which had been stuffed with peanuts, was made by sci-fi fan Chris Balcombe.

The 51-year-old from Dibden Purlieu, Hants., collects Doctor Who original props and owns two full-sized versions of the Time Lord's greatest foe. He fashioned the feeder from an old Dalek model.

He said: 'Squirrels are ingenious creatures and will seek out food wherever it's hidden. I thought it would be interesting to see what this one made of the dalek.

'The peanuts are held in place by a wire mesh, so the squirrel has to get his head completely inside to get them.

'Over the last week, the squirrel gradually got used to the bird table's new addition, and was soon stuffing its head right into the dalek to eat all the nuts.

Out of this world: The Dalek-shaped feeder contains peanuts held in place by a wire mesh

'At one point, he looked as if he was wedged in there, but the dalek is made from rubber so he freed himself without much trouble.'

Mr Balcombe said other bird table visitors had been less certain of the alien introduction.

'A pigeon and a jay landed to have a look, but kept well clear of the dalek,' he said.

'The peanuts are really only there for the squirrel.

'At this time of year, young birds can choke on peanuts if they try and eat them whole.'

Sci-fi DIY: The alien bird feeder is the creation of sci-fi fan Chris Balcombe, who collects Doctor Who original props and merchandise and owns two full-sized versions of the Time Lord's greatest foe


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