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Woman sends two cats to the vet when one falls ill... and he puts the wrong one down by mistake


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Heartbreaking: Maddy, right, was due to be put down but vets put down the couple's other cat Tammy by mistake

Vet forced to put sick kitten down too after blunder

Surgery supplies memorial plaque and ashes to devastated pet owners

A couple who were devastated to be told one of their two cats needed to be put to sleep were horrified when blundering vets put down the other cat by mistake.

Mandy Raab said she was told by vets that her beloved pet Maddy needed to be down because of a deteriorating leg condition.

But Miss Raab, from Telford, Shropshire, and partner Paul Saxton said they later discovered the wrong cat had been put down.

Now heartbroken Miss Raab, 36, says she will make a complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

The couple had arranged to have the rescue cats, Tammy and Maddy, neutered last week.
Vets said that Maddy was suffering from a deteriorating leg condition and needed to be put to sleep.

Mandy Raab and Paul Saxton plan to make a complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Miss Raab said that Maddy was in the poorer condition when she took the kittens on in December.

'Tammy became my little girl. She used to follow me everywhere. When it came time for them to be neutered, Paul took them to Wrekin View and explained that Maddy had a bad leg.

'The vet called me later in the day to say the leg condition was deteriorating and the kindest thing would be to put Maddy to sleep. That left me in bits but I agreed. I didn't want her to suffer.'

She alleged: 'When Paul went to collect Tammy the same day he knew instantly that the cat they had at the vets was Maddy.

'It was Tammy they had put to sleep.

'A staff member told me subsequently that a veterinary nurse had picked Tammy up by mistake when it was time for Maddy to be put to sleep. I was so upset.'

Miss Raab said the vets were returning both cats' ashes to her next week as well as a memorial plaque.

Wrekin View Vets, in Wellington, Shropshire, refused to comment on the matter but Miss Raab said they had given her two new kittens.

Ian Holloway, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons spokesman, said: 'Allegations of negligence are usually resolved between the parties or by the civil courts.

'There are occasions, though, when the alleged negligence is so serious as to be an issue of professional conduct.

'Where this appears to be a real possibility, we will investigate.'

source: dailymail

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